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Apple Varieties
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 FrostbiteTM (formerly MN 447) is an unique novelty apple for a special niche. It is extremely cold hardy, small in size, and unusual in appearance. Intense Sweet Taste
The FrostbiteTM Apple packs a punch. It's almost tangy, very sweet, and juicy. Biting into a FrostbiteTM is almost like biting into a piece of sugarcane. Savoring its juice tastes like molasses melting in your mouth. It is great for cider or people with a real sweet tooth. Its texture is Firm, but crisp and juicy. FrostbiteTM is a parent to Keepsake and Sweet 16 Apples and a grandparent to Honeycrisp.

Honeycrisp Apple, also known in Europe as the Honeycrunch Apple, is one of the University of Minnesota's best apples. They are widely grown around the world. Millions have been sold to people who love the well-balanced sweet-tart taste, and explosively crisp, juicy texture. Honeycrisp was named the Minnesota State Fruit in 2006. Two benefits truly set Honeycrisp Apples apart from other apples. The first is their exceptionally crisp and juicy texture. Bite into the cream-colored flesh and the large cells explode with juice in your mouth, carrying a delightful, well-balanced, sub-acid and mildly aromatic flavor. The second strong benefit of Honeycrisp Apples is their amazing storage life. Outstanding flavor and texture can be maintained for at least seven months in refrigerated storage without atmosphere modification. Think of it. You can have a great apple to pick and then store, sell or savor for more than half the year! Ripens late September.  


 Honeygold Golden to yellow-green fruit that is sweet, crisp, and juicy. Excellent for fresh eating and also good for cooking. The fruit will store for 2 to 3 months.  Introduced in 1970. Ripens late September.


 Sweetsixteen Crisp and juicy with an exotic yellow flesh and a very sweet, unusual sugar cane or spicy cherry candy flavor. The fruit stores for 5 to 8 weeks. Introduced in 1977. Ripens mid- to late September.


 Zestar! Large, crunchy, juicy red fruit with a sprightly sweet-tart flavor. Excellent for both fresh eating and cooking. The fruit will store for 6 to 8 weeks. The most outstanding feature of a Zestar!® Apple is its sprightly sweet-tart taste with a hint of brown sugar. And, unlike other early season apples that are often soft or mealy, Zestar!® is juicy with a light, crisp texture. Just one bite, and you will savor the zesty flavor and crunch. Introduced in 1999. Ripens late August to early September.

 Haralson Firm texture with a complex tart flavor. Good for fresh eating and cooking. Especially good pie apple. The fruit will store for 4 to 5 months. Introduced in 1922. Ripens late September to early October.


 Snowsweet Appealing, large, bronze-red blush fruit. Excellent for fresh eating, snack trays, and salads. Introduced in 2006. SnowSweet® is becoming increasingly popular because of its delightful sweet taste, with a slight tart balance and rich overtones. Plus, it has a unique characteristic that consumers love. The fruit's snowy white flesh is very slow to oxidize and turn brown after cutting. SnowSweet® can be sliced for snacking or cut for salads well in advance and dishes maintain an appetizing appearance. SnowSweet® is truly a late-season treat. Ripens mid-October.

 Keepsake Very hard and crisp with yellow flesh and an exotic sweet, spicy flavor. Good for fresh eating and cooking. The fruit will store for 6 months. Introduced in 1978. Ripens mid-October.








 RoyalCourt Discovered as a limb sport of original Cortland by Jacob Hartenhof of Waterville, Nova Scotia. Royal Courtâ„¢ is an improved strain coloring to a solid blush. This selection has now been fruited by many growers in the Northeast, and is considered superior to all other Cortland strains.

 Redfree Another of the disease resistant apple cultivars, Redfree matures in early August.  Medium size apples have bright red, smooth, russet-free skin with creamy-white flesh that's crisp and juicy with excellent flavor. considered a dessert quality apple.

 Crown Empire A red blush sport discovered at Crist Brothers Orchard, Walden, NY in 1990. Exhibits full red color two weeks ahead of Empire. Very productive and a better annual bearer than other blush strains observed.  We feel this strain set new standards for the Empire market.

Silken A Honeygold x Sunrise cross developed in Summerland, BC. This clean looking early golden type matures after Gingergold and two weeks before McIntosh. Fruit size is medium and has rated well in taste tests. Apples are firm, crisp, sweet and very aromatic.  Holds eight weeks in storage and is a good early market choice before traditional Golden Delicious.

 Williams pride An early season apple, William's Pride matures eight weeks before Red Delicious. This apple is medium to large in size, and dark red with a yellow background. Flesh is cream colored and very crisp with mild sub-acid flavor.  This variety is a great summer dessert apple.

 Cameo® is one of the most exciting new apple varieties to hit the industry in many years. This new variety has an attractive color, crisp, juicy, sweet-tart flavor and outstanding storage quality.