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Apple orchard
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Austin MN 55912
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Fullblood boer goats for sale
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Yellow Dog Orchard
Quality Apples and Boer Goats

 Thank you for coming to see us at yellowdogorchard.com

Boer Goats
Our goal is to breed high quality fullblood boer goats that meet the "standards for improved Boer Goat" set by the ABGA. Boer goats that don't meet the standards will be culled.
For 2010 we have introduced some outstanding colored and spotted fullblood boer goats.

Apple orchard
 We have started a small apple orchard that we hope to share with you. We now have about 100 apple trees that are great for fresh eating. The orchard has a good mix of varieties, many of them developed by the University of Minnesota  such as Honeycrisp, Zestar!, and the new release Frostbite. Our goal is to start weekend sales here at YDO, and to sell at farmers markets when we have produced enough high quality fruit.

About the Farm
Yellow Dog Orchard was named after our two yellow labs Sky and Ruby. We are a very small family run hobby farm that started out with the planting of 20 apple trees in 2006.

We then deceided to add some Boer goats. Keri's parents in Oklahoma (
Lost Hog Farm)  got us started with our first five goats. As you can see from our web site we have really taken to raising goats.

In 2008 we expanded the orchard with another 80 trees.
Our pastures are grass, clover, and weeds. We do not use chemicals for fertilizer, the lumes help the grasses grow and raise the protein level of the pasture, the animals do the fertilizing. The goats keep the weeds down. The Poultry clean up any spilled grain, they are also free ranging eating pasture plants, seeds, and bugs.

Our farm is about 6 miles south of Austin, MN. You can see the house from US HWY 218. And we are only 6 miles north of the Iowa border.

Al and Keri Rasmussen
55059 160 Street
Austin, MN 55912
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